Designing directly in css

9 Jul

Designing a small site recently and attempting not to fall back on the crutch of a single table cell, I was confounded by how to make the whole thing center in the browser window. Apparently this is not such an easy thing to do for others either! I was pleased to see that the solution recommended on the Venture Skills blog was the same one I came to (by trial and error). The whole exercise was made much easier by CSSEdit 2.5 which is fabulous. I could never have done it with Dreamweaver alone. Basically, you can create a page with divs, label content as h1, h2, etc. in Dreamweaver, and then style it with css in CSSEdit. As you style the browser preview updates without refresh needed, and it also helps you to create the css with the correct semantics. It makes it almost possible to design directly in code, without too much reliance on full comps in Photoshop.


2 Responses to “Designing directly in css”

  1. Venture Skills Team July 10, 2007 at 9:00 pm #

    glad you got it sorted 🙂 centring divs is one of those things people often asking when creating css layouts .

    The next common is how to create a grid which the YUI Grid is fantastic for

  2. Amelia July 13, 2007 at 6:32 am #

    Yes, thanks! Great tip to move on to the YUI CSS grids.
    I’d been to YUI before but hadn’t noticed this fabulous resource. You’re right, no more excuses for tables.

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