Icons and graphics in email newsletters

25 Jul

Apple email Apple, milking the iPhone craze, sent out a variation on their usual email newsletter design today. It incorporated some icon-like graphics and new buttons with cta’s.

applepeople.jpg apple_workshops.jpg

Wonder if these icons and varied buttons are worth thinking about incorporating in some email designs?

Here are some stories from etre.com that seem to substantiate this as a successful approach.

IBM has had great results using icons and buttons to increase clicks in emails:

emails that use clickable graphic icons or buttons to link to more details of a marketing offer drew stronger responses than links that use the text of an Internet address. When IBM incorporated graphical icons and buttons in its emails for its software group, click-through rates jumped 60%.

And Cisco has tried visuals at the bottom of newsletters to drive the reader’s eye further into the content:

a ‘stronger use of imagery at the end of the newsletter so eyes scroll to the bottom,’ says Brian Ellefritz, Cisco’s senior manger of Worldwide Demand Generation.

This is apparently to offset the usual trend for people to only read/respond to material in the first third of the newsletter, which the article also mentions.

Read the story on etre.com


One Response to “Icons and graphics in email newsletters”

  1. Aryan January 17, 2008 at 8:45 pm #

    this is something really great. though it is not something what everone knows but again winner is one who keep them remeber and apply 🙂 grt post bro. keep the good work coming on.


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