Looking for Snagit for Mac?

5 Jul

Many of the visitors to this blog are coming to read a post about a year ago on alternatives to Snagit for Mac. There are now two great (and free) alternatives available: Skitch and JingProject.

First, there’s Skitch

Skitch.com > amelia
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Fabulous and easy image capture. Installs a desktop widget that is available off the top right of the menu bar. Allows you to markup, comment, and then easily upload to a custom url which you can share with others. It even creates a history for you to go back and see what you’ve snapped. I use it dozens of times a day to easily show people what I’m talking about and markup and comment on creative work and web interfaces. Now, if they’d only integrate the kind of tagging and set creation tools we get from Evernote, it would be possible to create searchable and sharable sets. Or maybe the folks at Yahoo will just fold an image capture tool like that into Flickr someday…

Another great option is Jing Project from TechSmith.

Jing is available for both Mac and PC. It installs a cool desktop widget that hides just under the top right corner of your desktop. Jing hasn’t offered the same kind of ease or commenting tools on images, so I haven’t used it as much as Skitch. However, Jing allows you to capture video as well as images, so you can for instance capture a sequence of interactions and verbally comment on them, then post that clip on the web and share with others. Here’s a sample.

One problem I’ve had with Jing is the lack of visibility into how much online storage space is available for free. The service is initially presented as entirely for free. Or at least, that’s how it came across to me as a new customer. I captured images and short clips, and shared them with others easily. There were no warnings about storage limitations or offers to upgrade for additional storage should I need it. Then I captured a 5-minute clip, the maximum time for a Jing clip. There were no warnings during the clip that I would max out my storage options with such a long clip. However, once finished I checked upload to the screencapture site to share as I’d done previously… and got a message in the interface that I was over capacity. The message suggested that I clear my history to allow more space. I did that but it was still too big. There was no offer to upgrade to a paying account for additional storage space. However, I got an email offer to upgrade later. I would rather have been informed clearly up front about the upgrade options directly in the interface at the moment when I needed the upgrade, and even prior to that when I first tried it out, perhaps after using it once or twice. If I had had my credit card on file with them, I could have made an easy decision at that moment to upgrade so I could accomplish my immediate objective of sharing my 5-minute clip.

So need for Mac users to have Snagit envy anymore… two options to try out!


3 Responses to “Looking for Snagit for Mac?”

  1. brennj4 May 27, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

    What I really miss about Snagit since moving over to mac is the easy edit abilities built in. I use it heavily for creating detailed technical documentation. It is such a hit with my users. So sad that there is no mac version. Jing kind of fills in some of the gaps left behind so I can so some of the stuff but for anything serious I need to go back to windows.

  2. lauras2009 June 4, 2009 at 2:14 pm #

    Do either of these have the ability to capture an entire long scrolling window at one time? That’s what I miss …


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