Why we have a 4.0 War Hall

17 Jul

We couldn’t get a war room here for our marathon project — redesigning and launching a new web presence on webex.com and other global sites on a tight timeframe. So we went ahead and used our magnetized wall on the 11th floor to post printouts of all our work in progress, charts of work to be done (and done!), the top goals for the site launch, and important style references as the work evolves. We hold our daily scrum meetings there to get together, see what we’ll be working on that day, decide next steps and how we might get any issues that might have come up solved.

This has been great! The aim of this way of working is not perfection (as in immediate perfection), but visibility into how we’re all designing, writing, developing, managing and working together. It gives us all a visual reference for the large body of work coming together. We have a place for the team (and others) to do quick standups to talk about our work over the course of the day. And it gives us all a real sense of accomplishment and presents the work as what it is…  co-creation by a core team with inputs from lots of others across our business.

Just noticed this tip on the 99percent blog (a favorite) that pretty much validates this approach for a team. Being able to see your progress is just as important to a design team as capturing your ideas and what you hope to accomplish.

Our war hall is also available virtually on foursquare. Visit us and check in! 🙂


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