All pigs and chickens welcome!

21 Jul

Today in our weekly open house we discussed the agile, kinda “scrummy” process the team is using to design the new site. We’re extending an open invitation to others to attend our daily standup at the war hall (daily 15 minutes of fame 🙂 ).

War Hall

War Hall

Looks like some folks might take us up on it and join in! But one question was whether we were doing pigs and chickens.
Now, I’d never heard of pigs and chickens… but apparently, in scrum, there’s the concept of pigs and chickens!

Pigs are the active participants doing the work, and the chickens are the other people who attend. I guess in some models the pigs are the only people who can talk, and the chickens have to shut up.

But I hope we’ll be able to have people attend, and listen during the working standup, but then have time following when we can discuss and listen to others who are interested in the work as well.

More attention on stitching it all together, getting the details right, and making the site as good as we can for launch!


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