Telling your story together builds a team

6 Dec

Like many who blog occasionally, I have lots of half-baked posts that somehow never get completed. This post has been sitting in draft for months. Even though the original team I was writing about was reorganized, I wanted to wrap and publish it anyway. I learned so much about — and from — everyone involved in the project. So it’s very much rear view mirror now, but I hope to have the opportunity to leverage something similar in future.

Way back then… (a few months ago :-)… I wrote it up with this lead: Our web services and strategy team rocks!

How do I know we rock?

We just put a presentation together — together —  explain ourselves to our leadership: Who we are, how each of our individual roles relate to process and outcomes, and what we achieved over the last year. It went really well, as result of focused work by everyone: pulling together and analyzing metrics, high level reports on projects and accomplishments, and a simplified view to hit on key points across a large number of initiatives and projects. We included video clips from those we work with cross-functionally as well as stakeholders, on their experience working with us. The videos, as well as personal stories everyone told, helped to keep the session lively — important since it ran a full three hours with Q and A.

The key takeaway, for me, and I think for others on the team, was not how we came across in our presentation to the audience. It was the new perspective and confidence we gained about our functioning as a team. We learned about each person in new ways: both personal and professional.

Day-to-day, we’re all involved in a multitude of projects and initiatives. Taking the time for this joint effort, where everyone’s input was needed, gave us an increased awareness of the scope of our work and how working together could enable us to accomplish even more. In essence, we built our “self-awareness” as a group, critical for enabling high functioning team work.


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