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31 Dec

FAIR Money

The FAIR Money research collective has kicked off its first research project, visiting 8 participants at home and starting them off with on the diary portion of the study. The interviews were incredibly informative.

If you’d like to be considered for participation in this study, please fill out our questionnaire:

If you fit the criteria for our study, we will be in touch!

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26 May

Insights on how far The Boston Globe has been able to take HTML5 and responsive design.

A Musing

There are two basic models I’ve seen of media and entertainment companies using HTML5.

One model is to simply and easily create a whole new experience using web technologies. This could be re-packaging existing content, giving new life to archives, or just experimenting with a new format or media product. In my experience, Atlantic Records does really well here (more on them later)

The other model is to take the entire media property and create a single, multi-use app where the website, the mobile app, and the tablet app are all one entity. Here, the undisputed champ is the Boston Globe.

Their work is beautiful and has rightly been written up several times as an example of real thought-leadership in the melding of media and technology.

The website/web app uses advanced HTML5 capabilities such as off-line storage, so you can save and read an article later even if you’re not…

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Choosing where you want to work?

26 May

Love this perspective on work, creativity, and making things happen from Tina Seelig. (Author of What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20)

“We couldn’t be more different, except for our shared values. And that makes working together enjoyable.”

So true… look for people, teams, companies who share your values. What you create together will mean more to you.

What’s important to you?

Historical views of websites

26 May

Here are a couple of ways to see what particular websites looked like in the past: The Wayback Machine and In both cases, the sites allow you to search by URL, and see what was captured. But they approach what they captured in slightly different ways.

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Unlocking creativity

16 Feb

Creative expression for more of us

I found this so inspiring—Khoi Vinh shared a story on his blog today, about someone who had been creating many, many collages with his new social creativity app, Mixel for iPad. Then Khoi discovered that the artist had limited mobility due to MS, and had written about how Mixel had enabled him to create much more easily because he only needed two fingers to use the app. Check it out… beautiful.

Get out of the cube for new ideas

23 Jan Visiting CCA

Five of us from our design team went to the Bill Moggridge lecture at the California College of the Arts San Francisco campus last night. A great opportunity: the lecture was the inaugural event to kick off the new program in Interaction Design that will be offered at CCA beginning next year. Moggridge was a founder of IDEO and one of the original champions of user-centered design and interaction design as a discipline,  and now directs the Cooper Hewitt national design museum in New York.

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Telling your story together builds a team

6 Dec

Like many who blog occasionally, I have lots of half-baked posts that somehow never get completed. This post has been sitting in draft for months. Even though the original team I was writing about was reorganized, I wanted to wrap and publish it anyway. I learned so much about — and from — everyone involved in the project. So it’s very much rear view mirror now, but I hope to have the opportunity to leverage something similar in future.

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