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Friends in all the right places

28 Jul

Our work on the War Hall is getting noticed in all the right places! Martin Hardee wrote us up in the Cisco web experience blog yesterday… I guess showing off work on the wall is a growing practice across Cisco. Come on over and visit us in person! 10am for the daily standup.

CSG web serices design team War Hall


Not getting noticed: Good design is invisible

24 Jul

Dateline WordCamp 2007! Wow, so much to learn, and so many great geeks, but one of the most interesting presentations for me was from Information Architect/Usability Expert Liz Danzico of Happy Cog and Boxes and Arrows. She spoke to how great design for interaction is invisible to the user: you only notice design for function when it’s bad. When design works there’s no friction, and you can just go about doing what you intended. Good design anticipates what you need without making a big deal about it.

However, anticipating what people need isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, and can have unanticipated pitfalls. Continue reading

Camping out with WordPress

9 Jul

I stumbled on the opportunity to join the WordPress annual get together in San Francisco later this month. Registration closes out soon, quite a deal for $25… I was number 245 to register!
I'm going to WordCamp

Extensive blog design resources

4 Jul

Here’s lots of information about blog design, links to templates, how to make one work well. Even how to make money with one! I’ve been thinking about blogs recently as a means for anyone to have a website easily, and also as a format for a variety of uses. For instance, a blog can be used to share resources in an easily sortable way, or to create a conversation, or even a community of people who share stories or an interest. My dad is publishing a book in a few months about people in their 80s, and instead of doing a “brochure” website as I did for a friend’s book last year, it would make much more sense to set it up as a blog. That way, the publisher’s team and the authors can help contribute updates when the book gets reviewed, and more importantly, we might even get some conversations going about the book and similar stories people have. Don’t know how many bloggers there are in their 80s, but who knows?