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Camping out with WordPress

9 Jul

I stumbled on the opportunity to join the WordPress annual get together in San Francisco later this month. Registration closes out soon, quite a deal for $25… I was number 245 to register!
I'm going to WordCamp


“SnagIt” type application for Mac

16 Jun

A List Apart had a post a while back about doing concepts for pages in a layout application… I agree it’s easier. I’m roughing out a bunch of web layout options now… Photoshop takes so much time! So I’d rather to work in Indesign and bring in pieces of things. If I were on the PC I’d use SnagIt, but it doesn’t exist for the Mac. Frustrated, I poked around and found Constrictor (what a name) for only $10… works well, I can pull in pictures from various web pages and drop them into layouts.

Microstock… give up your day job

7 Jun

Looks like some enterprising photographers are making a good living on iStockphoto (which we certainly get alot of mileage out of!) The New York Times had a story yesterday on it, and other “microstock” sites. I wonder how illustrators are doing there?