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Icons and graphics in email newsletters

25 Jul

Apple email Apple, milking the iPhone craze, sent out a variation on their usual email newsletter design today. It incorporated some icon-like graphics and new buttons with cta’s.

applepeople.jpg apple_workshops.jpg

Wonder if these icons and varied buttons are worth thinking about incorporating in some email designs? Continue reading


TiVo for email

10 Jul

Our blogging-shy designer, Brian Willis, suggests this article on how Gmail treats images, as a suitable contribution here. It says basically that text will be more important than images as result:

Gmail strips out all graphics by default. You have to proactively turn them back on and do so on an email by email basis. This is going to dramatically effect how newsletter publishers embed their sponsor’s messages into the email since Gmail represents the email equivalent of TiVo, at least as far as ad skipping is concerned.

Read the article on eROI.  Thank you Brian!

Video in email?

25 May

Can it be true?

Support for CSS in email clients

25 May

This is a great reference for CSS supported by various email clients in html email.
From Campaign Monitor:
Support for CSS in email clients

Email success story from Cisco

24 May

How Cisco Doubled Email Registration Conversions
by Offering Fewer Sign-up Choices
Last year, Brian Ellefritz, Sr. Manager Customer Relationship Marketing, Cisco Systems, was determined to solve the problem of what he calls the “90-day honeymoon” for one of his company’s monthly customer newsletter programs, BizWise/TechWise.

“Even if they see value in it, the newsletter in their minds eventually tails off into the category of, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll look at that later,’ ” he says. “And you see your open, clickthrough and response rates worsen over time.”

Read the Marketing Sherpa story

Eye tracking email newsletters

15 May

REALLY GOOD INFO ON UI AND EYE TRACKING, WHAT PEOPLE READ: for instance usually the first two words of a headline.

What works in email newsletters

15 May


Newsletters Must be Simple
People get a lot of email. They don’t have time to read a lot of text. Newsletters must be designed to facilitate scanning. In our study, only 23% of the newsletters were read thoroughly. The remaining newsletters were skimmed, read partly, or not even opened — a fate that befell 27% of the newsletters.

The only newsletter in the study that was consistently read every time it was received was’s Word of the Day, which is very short and also has an engaging layout that doesn’t intimidate users with a wall of text.

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