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Design tools and documents for a templated site

24 Feb

On our team, we’re exploring the best process for web design as we work from explorations of flows, into wireframes, finished page designs and on into developed pages. It’s often an iterative process as we refine how pages and interactive elements will interrelate, the best content to include, media and form factors for the content, and how to optimize for user experience. Also, a key objective in the process is to be sure the finished design document relies on the components and css of our templates. We’re a relatively small group, so the more seamless and agile we can make the process of wireframing through design and development, the better. Continue reading


CS3 training powered by WebEx!

4 Jul

We missed the boat on an AMA-Aquent webinar all about CS3, it was given back in June. However, it’s available as a free on-demand recorded event through WebEx. Get it right here

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