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Too cool not to share

26 Jun

I came across this info on a new aspect of Adobe CS3 that is wild. It’s flash enabled, context-sensitive tool tips that are fed by a delicious tag ANYONE can contribute to. Adobe monitors the contributions. This means that these tips are basically evolving and developed by a community of users, much as wikipedia is a dictionary created by community. What’s different is this is actually within the application, accessed through a “know how” palette. And it further blurs the line between software and web apps.

I gather there’s more on Adobe Labs about it, but from Veerle’s blog:

… knowhow is a technology preview that delivers single-click, contextual access to relevant help information from a panel in Adobe® Illustrator CS3. Knowhow gives users access to a wide variety of information—basic tool descriptions and short cuts, Adobe Help content, as well as community-generated tutorials, tips, and techniques on the web.

So it’s something that was built entirely in Adobe Flash and looks just like a standard palette in the application. The content found in knowhow is pulled from community-generated content from a user account on Anyone with a account can suggest new content for knowhow by simply tagging it ‘knowhow’ and the Adobe team will review and add them to their collection.