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Get your WebEx Firefox Persona!

15 Jul

Phil just showed this to me…

WebEx inspired Firefox Persona

“Dot com guru” created this Firefox persona, inspired by working on WebEx projects here at Cisco. Get yours too!


Communicating with user stories: comics help

8 May

User comic drawn on the iPad

In many of the presentations and design projects I’ve worked on recently, I’ve been using comics of various types to keep the focus on the user. Comics are fun, introduce a little more character and put a human context on user experience design deliverables: UI, flows, wireframes. Since I got an iPad, creating simple comics has become much more fun by drawing by hand, or rather, by finger. Here’s a quick review of my favorite iPad drawing apps. Take a peek and let me know what you think. Do you think this is a useful way to communicate stories?

Forms design articles

10 Jul

Forms design is one of those niche topics that seldom seems to get much
attention. Yet it’s within the context of a form where much of the real
interaction on web sites happen. It’s where the rubber meets the road,
so to speak.

Web Application Form Design by Luke Wroblewski gets right to the nitty-gritty of label and form element layout. Mr. Wroblewski’s
recommendations will seem less subjective after looking at Label
Placement in Forms
by Matteo Penzo. In this article for UX Matters, Mr,
Penzo describes using eye movement tracking to test form element layouts
similar to the ones in Luke W’s article.

A couple of other nice articles on this often dry topic – CSS-Based
Forms: Modern Solutions
, in Smashing Magazine and  The Form Garden – A Collection of CSS Stylesheets For Web Forms

Forms need love too!