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Unlocking creativity

16 Feb

Creative expression for more of us

I found this so inspiring—Khoi Vinh shared a story on his blog today, about someone who had been creating many, many collages with his new social creativity app, Mixel for iPad. Then Khoi discovered that the artist had limited mobility due to MS, and had written about how Mixel had enabled him to create much more easily because he only needed two fingers to use the app. Check it out… beautiful.


Kindle: Please learn to share with others

10 Nov

I’d been curious about Amazon’s Kindle since it came out. But it seemed too expensive to justify trying it out… until I saw a tweet about a $50 savings coupon available on the Oprah site last month. Taking a peek in the Amazon store, it looked like there was more and more content available on it… books, magazines, newspapers, even blogs. So I took the plunge. $300 and a couple of weeks later, here’s a perspective on the good, the bad and a fundamental, but hopefully fixable, flaw. Continue reading