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I started this blog back when I led the design team at on the 11th floor of the WebEx building in Santa Clara, California (right next to the roller coasters of Great America… so close we could hear the screams in the summer). It was a wild and fun ride working there! WebEx was acquired by Cisco, and over the years, people, priorities and projects evolved. But I always loved the panoramic view we had… literally and metaphorically, from the 11th floor. That’s what you see above, the mountains east of San Jose, captured one sunny day with just a bit of snow by Johnny Au who was on our team at the time.

The Zynga Building at 650 Townsend in San FranciscoI left Cisco in 2011, and now work in web and mobile experience design with a dynamic and growing design team in the Online Services Division of Citrix in San Francisco. Although I no longer have a view of the mountains, or hear the roller coaster screams (more like the pinball machines from the lobby, we’re located in the Zynga building which is chock full of games), I’m hoping to continue to have an “11th floor” view, and share some perspectives, finds and tips that might be useful here.


Our original 2006/07 answers to… What is this?

So far… this is a collection of notes and helpful postings on how we approach design for online experience, communication and interaction… across mediums: web and mobile, emails, online publications and collateral, events, multimedia, basically everything the design team here comes across. Hopefully other designers will be able to contribute too. You can sort the postings by tag to find good stuff on different topics.

Why the 11th floor view? That’s where we are, here in Santa Clara… and it probably affects how we see things, literally and metaphorically. (The photo, by one of our former team members, the fabulous photographer Johnny Au, is literally a view from the 11th floor here in Santa Clara! What a pleasure to see the mountains every day.)

We’ve got two contributors here…

Me: I’m Amelia, from a peripatetic past in editorial publications, brand and communication design, eventually landing in web and user experience design, happily here in the Northern California sunshine.

And Michael Everitt, of Informativity. He’s also contributing his considerable creative and critical thinking to some of our website user flows. Looking for how to make things easier and more sensible, to help people find what they want and try our products on for size. We’re lucky to have him joining our 11th floor team.


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